What is Mind-Body Balancing?


What You Will Experience

Mind-Body Balancing is a unique synthesis of dialogue, Educational Kinesiology, Touch for Health, 

movement-based learning, brain developing activities, reiki, and behavioral kinesiology. 

It is an educational experience; not a therapy. 

Our purpose is not to discover or analyze your past. 

We focus on what is and what you desire. 

As the facilitator, my role is to create a safe and fun space for you to tap into and apply the wisdom and guidance of, what I call, your Higher Self. We use whatever name your prefer. The shifts you enjoy are a result of your own ability to learn, grow and heal yourself.

In a Mind-Body Balance you:

  1. Start with a specific or generalized intention or goal -- For example: to be more peaceful, confident, competent or clear; or to read, write, take a test or move with ease
  2. Benchmark your desire through dialogue, role-play or whole-body movements
  3. Notice, using muscle checking, the overall energetic, mental, emotional and physical pattern that you would like to shift
  4. Experience a variety of mind-body activities that unlock and replace the old pattern: energy clearing, emotional release processes and movements that activate the brain the way nature does
  5. Return to your benchmark, notice and celebrate the difference
  6. Learn "Homeplay" activities you can easily make part of your lifestyle so you sustain and deepen the results you achieve

Why It Works

A Balance is Present-time Focused

Your mind-body system organizes around what you focus on: reading, manifesting, communicating etc. If a present time activity stimulates past memories, of which my might not be aware, your reactions will be like habits learned to keep you safe. 

You Clear the Energetic Pattern

During the balance, the old physical, mental and emotional pattern is released because your focus is on moving through the current challenge rather than the past.

You Change Your Brain

By doing a Balance, you create or awaken neural pathways, so you can act from conscious choice rather than reflex. 

We do not analyze why you struggle. You learned to through your life experiences beginning as early as conception. Your willingness to notice the overall "I'm stuck!" pattern, when you benchmark the Balance, is all that is necessary. 

Returning to the benchmark at the close of the Balance is the most fun part. Many discover their next steps intuitively after their mind and body are balanced and cooperating.

You Are Empowered to Make Changes Permanent

You learn to use whole-body movement and relaxation activities to sustain new skills, interrupt old habits, ignite creativity and successfully move forward in your life.

Skills coaching in healthy communication techniques, time management, making presentations, writing, learning, career or business strategies are provided after the Balance -- when the Mind-Body system is balanced and functioning optimally. 

Phone consults are also provided following a Balance at a frequency tailored to each person.

Time & Fees

How Much Time it Takes

A first balance can last up to three hours. 

Followup Balances are typically two hours for adults and an hour for youth and teens.

My focus with young children is to Balance and coach parents so they can help their kids.

Balances target specific goals or challenges. 

For some, one Balance can be enough -- like test taking, learning to ride a bicycle or delivering a talk. Some clients return with new goals periodically or monthly for "tune-ups". 

Every person and goal is unique, so the number of Balances can vary. Generally, less than 10 is the norm for a specific issue.

Fee Schedule

My fee is $150 for an adult Balance. 

I offer a flat rate so we can take all the time we need without concern for cost. 

My fee for children, youth and teens is between $50 and $100.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What can Mind-Body Balancing do for me?

What kind of commitment do I need to make?

What kind of commitment do I need to make?

A Mind-Body Balance enables you to resolve ineffective physical, mental and emotional habits that block you from realizing your potential. 

 Mind-Body Balancing lays the foundation for a new way of thinking, feeling and taking action. Like learning to ride a bicycle, it becomes natural with a little practice.

In a first Balance most notice shifts in attitude, balance, clarity or more. The shift becomes permanent as they learn how to interrupt old ways of being and implement strategies they learn in the Balance.  

Check out the Reviews page to see how others have benefited from Mind-Body Balancing.  

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What kind of commitment do I need to make?

What kind of commitment do I need to make?

What kind of commitment do I need to make?

There are no contracts. 

One Balance is enough for a select few. Children usually shift in a few targeted Balances. Some adults like a monthly tuneup. Others call as needed.  

Since empowering you to interrupt old patterns and practice healthy ones is our mission, I usually recommend Balancing once every two weeks for the first three Balances, then once a month until you feel comfortable on your own.  

You are in charge of your own self-development program.


How do we get started?

What kind of commitment do I need to make?

How do we get started?

The first step is to schedule a free introductory phone consult.  

On that call, we will get to know a bit about each other, discover of how Mind-Body Balancing might help and what our next steps will be.