About me


A Guide by Your Side

My joy is watching clients resolve physical, mental and emotional blocks to success: learning at school and from life experiences, overcoming anxiety, self-worth, communication and focusing issues.


Being in a helping profession invites me to resolve my own life and learning issues -- a journey that has enabled me to find my voice, my life work and a means of expressing my compassion for those who struggle.


In my private life, I am a meditator, an aikidoist and a Distinguished Toastmaster. I study Natural Horsemanship and volunteer to serve rescued horses. I also  love writing and gardening.

Compassionate & Professional

My mission is to empower people of all ages to achieve their unique potential.

In 1993, following a 20 year banking career, I was licensed through the Educational Kinesiology Foundation to assist children and adults with life and learning challenges. 

Over the years, I have added Reiki, Touch for Health, and numerous other mind-body processes that enable you to upgrade unconscious beliefs and reflexes. 

I call my business Mind-Body Coaching because we align your body with your highest, most heart-felt intentions, so it enables you to be and do all that you desire.

Regardless of the challenge, I know that you are not broken; that healing is possible.