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Design and Live the Life YOU Love: A Guide for Living in Your Power and Fulfilling Your Purpose

Design and Live the Life YOU Love: A Guide for Living in Your Power and Fulfilling Your Purpose

Design and Live the Life You Love invites you on a treasure hunt to discover personal answers to the questions, “Whose life are you living? Is it one you’ve adopted from others, or the one that is truly yours?”

Design and Live the Life YOU Love is a simple, yet thorough, guide to upgrading your life step by step. You will enjoy the author's original poetry, personal stories and practical tools. They offer a whole-brain/body approach, which enables you to mine your Innate Wisdom, 

and find the answers you seek.

Unlike other self-help resources, this remarkable book brings to the forefront how your brain and body are wired in early childhood and 

how this foundation contributes to present-time challenges.

Design and Live the Life YOU Love includes whole-body activities that switch on the brain, giving you access to a greater YOU. 

It  has practical communication tips and other tools that enable you to shift old habits and create effective new ones.

Movement created the brain. 

Intention and movement can change the brain.

If you long to trust and follow the calling of your heart, this is a must read.

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What People are saying

Real Wisdom

“This guide resonated deeply for me. It provided a very accessible and potent toolkit delivered with the elegant simplicity that marks real wisdom.” 

– John Contreras, Author of Gathering Joy and Awakening Personal Power

An Excellent Guide

"As a visual and kinesthetic learner, I appreciate the way this book was written. 

Each chapter begins with a beautiful poem, followed by a "How-To" on how to get through or simply just be with your crossroad moment or moments. It is designed as a workbook as well as a guide.

Are you searching for "more" out of your life? 

READ and WORK this book. 

Are you stuck in a crisis or have to make a "life-changing" decision? 

READ and WORK this book. 

Do you think you have everything in your life set and perfect? Then PLEASE READ and WORK this book! 

I don't know about you, but I have my pen out and ready to READ this book a second time and begin my WORK! "

--Dan Spain, Massage Therapist, San Francisco

Worth Every Penny and More

"This well written book is the "GPS" for a more balanced and peaceful life. 

It is a very practical and useful guide for anyone who finds their life coming into "crossroads moments". 

We all get confused and disoriented with the challenges that life offers wonderful to be able to pick this book up and remember that we all have the power within us to regain our center. 

Worth every penny and more!" 

-- Julianna Forgione, Jacksonville, OR

Rereading Many Times

"I recently read this book and I have been able to immediately put to practice the techniques.

 Jo Anna's personal, real life stories of her journey helped me understand and apply the lessons to my own life.

 It has made an improvement in my ability to understand my emotions and make changes in my reactions to situations. 

I look forward to rereading many times to reinforce the teachings. 

This book is not a read once and move on. It is definitely a tool I can use throughout my life."

-- Genie Gilliam, Medford OR

Not a One Size Fits All Book

"I have read many books in the self help category, this is not like the rest of them. 

 I would not even put in the same category. 

Since everyone's journey is different, there is no such thing as one size fits all. 

In this book you are guided to engage in exercises to help open yourself to all there is in you. I find the exercises valid and doable. 

I am currently involved in a couple of her suggested 'Guideposts', and waking up parts of me that have been lost for a long time. 

Jo Anna is passing on what she did to live an authentic life. 

I felt like I was being mentored, or coached. I also felt like we are on equal footing, as human beings, which makes the 'Guideposts' she gives throughout the book have a friendliness and a do-ability to them. 

Thank you for passing it on."

-- Sal C., Medford, OR

A Poetic Experience at Guidepost 5

"I listen like a child eager to learn. The cool drizzle hits my face as if to say it’s time to wake up and smell the damp moss. 

I approach the crossing and hang up. Remembering unsuccessful attempts, I stare at the sign that says 

Guidepost 5. 

I see the path others have made for me. I know that I’m walking in the footsteps of giants." 

-- Pat B., Medford, OR

Great Poetry!

"I don't know much about poetry but I know what I like. Your poems are rapturous -- powerful expressions of life. "

-- David Craig, Medford, OR

Get or Gift One Now

Soft Cover and E-Book are available on
and in bookstores everywhere.
Contact me for autographed copies.
Soft Cover $16.95.